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[BNB 070] Kazahaya - Bon Voyage

Breakin Bread return to hip hop for the first time in 3 years with the first in a series of 7"s from Japanese producer Kazahaya who's been working with US MC's. Proper boom bap music on both sides, Camp Lo feature on the a side with a posse cut extraordinaire on the flip.

Kazahaya hails from Tokyo, Japan and has been pushing his own brand of mash ups and mix CD's for the last few years. In 2007 he sent a demo to Breakin Bread and the resulting EP "Remember Hip Hop" became a bestselling hip hop release of that year. Because it was a mashup with loads of famous MC's on it Breakin Bread had to pull it from release! Since then Kaza has been getting mad props for his beats so he decided to work with some US MC's and this series of 7"s is the result.


  • Cat#: BNB 070
  • Artist: Kazahaya
  • Title: Bon Voyage
  • Format: 7"/MP3
  • Released: 31st March 2012

Side A "Bon Voyage"

Midtempo hip hop how it should be done! Camp Lo are best known for their iconic 1997 album “Uptown Saturday Night” praised for its accessible content and smooth, funk and jazz inspired production. This cut takes us back to those days with Kaza rocking the sort of beat he wants to hear Camp Lo over these days. Proper boom bap!


Side B "Remember Hip Hop 2012"

This is the beat that brought Kaza to the attention of the wider world. Think Showbiz, think early Premier, think early Dre, think Marley Marl. Basically think a bad ass, dirty, boom bap beat that has just got to make you dance. The vocals are proper this time round as Kaza brings in a number of MC's he's met on his travels. These are West Coast MC's who ride this crazy beat talking about what hip hop means to them. Incredible!



  1. Bon Voyage feat. Camp Lo
  2. Remember Hip Hop 2012



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