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We welcome back one of our favourite guest DJ Hudson. This time round he's gone into this mix totally unplanned...

We hope you'll agree the resulting mix is a tribute to the mans skills as well as his vinyl collection! The mix takes in indie hip hop, unknown mash ups, soul, funk, disco and more. A superb mix from a superb DJ! Enjoy! [...]



Breakin Bread is a Soul, Funk & Hip Hop Collective based in London which runs a Record Label, Clubnight and Radio Show.

The Club has been running since 1998 and specialises in the anything related to hip hop in the last 50 years. Soul, Funk, Disco, Boogie, Beats, 60's RnB, Latin, Breakbeats etc. etc. etc... With B-Boying, Turntablism, MCing and graffiti... the Clubnight is Funk-fuelled mayhem!!

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Saturday, 15th September 2018

** Breakin' Bread SPECIAL PARTY with KAZAHAYA (Tokyo)! **

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We're back for a one off party to celebrate our man in Japan KAZAHAYA being in London town to launch his new album


  • Kazahaya (Tokyo) (Kazahaya Okada)
  • Skeg (David Skeg Magness)
  • Steeve The Sleeve

We'll be spinning Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Disco, Beats and more...!

Free all night!

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Venue Info

The Bermondsey Bar & Kitchen
40 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3UD


Check for our stickers in all the dope spots.





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